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Common Skin Conditions

Rosacea photoRosacea is often referred to as “adult acne,” with redness in the center of the face. In the beginning, the redness that appears on the face might do so sporadically, but will worsen if left untreated. In some cases, pimples or flushing may be visible and the skin around the mouth and eyes may be affected with a red “bumpy” rash.  Some of our traditional acne medications can be used to treat this condition and the redness can be addressed with in-office procedures and/or topical redness reducing agents. Self-diagnosis/self-treatment is not recommended as some products might make the Rosacea worse.

Dr. Davis can treat Rosacea with:

  • Acne medication  (topical/oral therapy)
  • Low dose doxycycline
  • She can reduce facial redness with IPL treatments (Fotofacials), Dermasweep treatments with Vitamin C, various topical anti-oxidant products, and prescription-strength oral nicotinic acid.





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