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Common Skin Conditions
Keloids/Skin scarring

Keloids are thick raised scars that occur at sites of trauma or prior surgery, including locations on the ear or at sites of other body piercings. They are more common among dark skinned individuals, but can occur in people of all races. Keloids can be pink or purple in color with a smooth top. They grow progressively and they do not go away over time.

Dr. Davis can treat keloids by:

  • Injecting cortisone into the keloid area.
  • Excising the keloid (under local anesthesia) with preventative medicine that will avert recurrence (either topical Aldara or by Dr Davis injecting cortisone).
A scar can never be completely erased; however there are many treatments which can make them less obvious to the naked eye. The appearance of shallow scarring can be improved by using treatments such as microdermabrasion, Dermasweep, laser or one of our chemical peels. Using fillers to lift indented soft scars will improve the appearance, with results lasting up to one year (reinjection can then be performed). Red scars can be minimized with Fotofacial (IPL) treatments.






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