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Common Skin Conditions



Atopic dermatitis commonly presents with itchy, red patches on the skin, often in body folds. The skin inside the elbows, behind the knees, and in the creases of the eyelids is typically swollen, thickened, and inflamed.  Mild cases of atopic dermatitis appear with just a few lesions, but more severe cases can cover large areas of the body and can become infected if the skin is scratched.

Without an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, this skin condition can become chronic.  Atopic dermatitis in infants is referred to as infantile eczema with itchy patches developing on the scalp, forehead, and cheeks.  During the childhood and teenage years rashes start to appear in the body folds. In adulthood, hand eczema often develops; usually in individuals whose hands are regularly exposed to water, soaps and detergents.

Untreated Atopic Dermatitis can become generalized and cover most of the face, trunk, and extremities. Dr. Davis can properly diagnose and help you manage/control your atopic dermatitis with an individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Davis can treat Atopic Dermatitis by:

  • Reducing skin irritation (recommending moisturizing soaps, emollients, skin care products, detergents etc.).
  • Prescribing topical medication for home use, including the exciting new category of barrier repair lotions, creams, and foams.
  • Prescribing oral medications for short-term use if your condition becomes generalized. Once the condition is “under control,” care can resume with just topical therapies.  







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