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Common Skin Conditions
Dry Skin

Dry SkinDry skin is a problem for many people, especially in cool weather when the air is dry. Dry air, both indoors and outdoors, causes the skin to lose moisture and then chap and crack. These chapped, red areas can become irritated and itchy. In some cases, untreated dry skin can lead to other more severe dry skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis.

Dr. Davis can treat dry skin by:

  • Addressing skin lubrication (proper selection of  soaps/cleansers, skin care products, modifying  bathing habits etc.) and controlling irritants that can worsen the problem
  • Topical prescription therapy, which includes the exciting new category of barrier repair creams, lotions, and foams to help prevent moisture loss through the skin
  • Taking an in-depth medical history to evaluate and treat related conditions such as atopic dermatitis (common in individuals with allergies) and hand eczema (frequently seen in individuals whose hands are often in water). Therapy includes various topical corticosteroids (creams, ointments, foams etc.) and other medications to help relieve this condition.


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