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Common Skin Conditions

Cysts Before and AfterCysts are closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other semi-solid material. They feel like small smooth peas under the surface of the skin. They are non-cancerous, and painless unless infected. They are often caused by clogging of oil glands. Epidermoid cysts are found mainly on a person’s back, neck and face, whereas Pilar cysts are found on the scalp. Cysts, however, can be found anywhere on the body and vary in size and severity.

If a cyst changes in size or becomes painful and/or inflamed, it should be examined as soon as possible.

Dr. Davis can treat cysts by:

  • Recommending or prescribing topical or oral medication.
  • Injecting cortisone into the cyst.
  • Lancing and draining the cyst, usually with local anesthesia given first.
  • Excising the cyst if it is solid. Sutures (stitches) will be needed to close the wound. Extra time should be reserved for this type of an appointment.






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