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Common Skin Conditions
Allergic Rashes
Allergic Rashes photo

Allergic Rashes photo

There are many possible types of rashes brought on by an allergic reaction. You can develop localized blisters, widespread hives, diffuse red skin, etc. Dr. Davis will become your medical detective to help figure out the source of your allergy and offer a variety of treatments to alleviate your discomfort. Often the location of the rash is a clue to what is causing the problem. We frequently see allergic reactions to nickel at the site of earrings, a belt buckle or wherever this metal hits the skin. Poison ivy is also a common problem, usually causing a linear rash on the extremities at sites where the vines contact the skin. Although most allergic rashes start out localized, they can become widespread if not treated.

Dr. Davis can treat skin allergies with:

  • Prescription strength topical corticosteroids.
  • Oral medications (antihistamines, corticosterioids, etc.)
  • Elimination of the suspected agent.
  • Allergy testing can be ordered.  







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