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Hand Rejuvenation


The appearance of our hands, even more than our faces, is often a dead giveaway of our age. Numerous factors contribute to aging of the hands. The loss of fat and volume over time can create a bony appearance with visible bulging veins and tendons. Prolonged sun exposure can cause uneven skin tone and create brown, pigmented spots. This is often accompanied by crinkled, sagging skin.

Even a simple gel manicure exposes our hands to harmful UV rays that can age the skin. (You should bring sunscreen to your manicures to use instead of hand lotion and also apply sunblock to your hands each day.)

Fortunately, there are innovative procedures available to counteract these signs of aging.

Restore Lost Volume to Your Hands

Radiesse® is a skin filler that provides immediate lifting of hollows and folds and reduces the appearance of veins and tendons in the hands. It is the only filler with FDA approval for restoring volume to the hands (as well as to the face). Radiesse® also stimulates the production of new collagen, working with your body to restore additional volume and to create a natural, smooth, younger appearance.

Radiesse® has quick and long-lasting results. These effects can last for more than a year.

For more information on Radiesse®, see our Radiesse® page.

Freshen, Tighten, and Remove Discoloration across the Entire Hand
Another feature that makes hands look old are the brown, round “age spots” that start to appear in our 40’s. These are known as lentigines, or liver spots, but are not related to problems of the liver. Lentigines are usually related to accumulated sun exposure. These spots are often extensive and continuous. If so, an overall approach would be best, with treatment of the entire hand. Several options exist:

Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Clear + Brilliant is an exciting, non-invasive fraxel laser; perfect for improving sun damaged skin across the hands. It can reduce excess pigmentation and improve overall skin tone.  This procedure is comfortable, affordable, safe for all skin colors, and beneficial for both sexes. It does not cause hair removal-an advantage for men. Turn back the signs of aging and make your skin look younger and fresher in just three to five sessions. Packages for treatments are available. The procedure is quick, with total treatment time running under an hour. This includes application of a topical anesthetic cream first. There is also little downtime after a Clear + Brilliant treatment, which is great for New Yorkers with busy schedules.  

Clear + Brilliant is a fractional laser that refreshes your skin by creating “microscopic treatment zones” that replace damaged tissue with healthier skin. The new skin will be pinker and “fresher.” You will need to wear sunblock daily afterwards, at least until healing is complete. This laser also helps stimulate collagen production, which helps to replace lost volume.

For more information on Clear + Brilliant, refer to our Clear + Brilliant page.


Micro-Needling with Hyaluronic Acid

Micro-needling is a procedure done for improvement of skin texture, tone, excess pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and more. Any part of the face or body can be treated.

The hands are ideal for rejuvenation with this method. The procedure is performed with sterile, single-use disposable needle tips attached to a motorized, rotating device. The MicroPen® system is used to create micro “injuries” to the skin. The process results in formation of newer, fresher skin (including new collagen and elastin), as well as new capillaries for improved blood supply.  A topical booster (hyaluronic acid ) is used during the treatment. The procedure results in smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin. Topical anesthetic cream is applied first and is included in the procedure fee. A series of 4 sessions is recommended. Ask about package pricing.

To read more about micro-needling, go to our Micro-needling page.


Micro-Needling with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is an ampilfied version of the microneedling with Hyaluronic Acid described above; using PRP instead of HA. Platelet Rich Plasma is an all natural way to use growth factors found in the platelets of your own blood to heal and repair the “wounds” created by microneedling. In addition, these growth factors maximally stimulate collagen and elastin below the skin surface to rejuvenate your skin. This procedure results in smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. It can be done on your hands, face and/or any part of your body.

To begin the procedure, a tube of your blood is drawn and spun in a cenrtifuge to separate the concentrated platelets and growth factors. The PRP is then sprinkled on and/or injected into your hands and is microneedled in with the MicroPen ® for maximum absorption. The treatment results in tighter, fresher and more evenly toned skin. Four to 6 sessions are recommended for the best outcome. Packages are available.

To read more about PRP, go to our Microneedling with PRP for Skin Rejuvination page.


Remove Brown Spots Only; On Your Hands

Before After

Sometimes, there are only a few brown spots on the hands. In this case, they can be addressed without rejuvenation of the entire hand. These lentigines (a.k.a. “liver” spots) are flat brown freckles which form as a result of chronic sun exposure; evolving over many years. Numerous procedures exist to minimize or remove just these spots. In each instance, treated lesions will initially darken, then crumble and peel off.  The new skin formed below will be free of pigment. This process takes approximately 7-14 days; so it is not recommended right before important events. The newer skin resulting will be pink and more sensitive to the sun. Daily SPF 30+ is recommended to prevent re-pigmentation afterwards, at least until the new skin “blends in.”


Dr. Davis can remove lentigines in several ways:

  • Freezing the spots with Liquid Nitrogen can remove them in one or a few sessions. For hands with many spots, a spray gun can be used to quickly cover a large area. This procedure is not recommended for darker skin complexions, as background pigmentation can be permanently disrupted.





  • Painting the spots with a strong acid like Liquid Phenol will cause the lesions to darken, crumble and peel off to reveal new skin. This procedure is ideal for fair skinned individuals, but not recommended for darker skin complexions either; as existing pigmentation can be permanently affected.





  • Electrosurgery can be performed if the lesions are relatively small. Dr. Davis uses electric cautery and light curettage to quickly remove these spots, either with a topical anesthetic cream or injected local anesthetic. This procedure can be used on skin of all colors.






  • The Duet laser, which is a Diode laser, can be used on people of all skin colors. The smaller of the two hand pieces is used to target benign brown spots and red blood vessels. Multiple treatments might be necessary, but the results are wonderful.







If needed, Dr. Davis can treat many spots all at once during the course of one office visit. Please let us know, so we allow extra time for this procedure.



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