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Botox for Hyperhidrosis


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Botox for Sweaty Underarms Hyperhidrosis Treatment

What is hyperhidrosis?
Hyperhidrosis is a disorder marked by excessive sweating and is seen in both men and women.  It usually begins at puberty and affects the palms, soles, and armpits.  Most people perspire in response to certain stimuli – such as heat or stress.  With hyperhidrosis, there is increased sweating in absence of such inducing factors.  Simple interactions such as shaking hands can become a problem.  Clothing frequently gets ruined from sweat stains; some people need to bring a change of clothes to work.

Why do we use Botox for treatment of hyperhidrosis?
Botox injections block the chemical signals that stimulate the sweat glands.  The treatment is confined to the area where the medication is injected and has an onset in 2-10 days.  A treatment lasts for about six months.  This procedure dramatically reduces perspiration in your underarms, palms, or soles – wherever it is injected.  Stop feeling self-conscious!

What is the Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis?
For treatment of the underarms, the skin is first cleansed with a topical antiseptic.  Then, half a bottle of Botox is applied to each armpit.  A series of injections is placed to cover the full areas of perspiration.  Generally these injections are not painful.
The palms and soles are more sensitive areas and require either application of a topical anesthetic cream or ice prior to injection.  If you would like to have as little pain as possible, you can arrive ½ hour prior to your appointment time to sit with an anesthetic cream.  (There is no extra charge for this.)  If this is not possible, we will give you topical ice packets to keep on the treated sites just prior to your injections.  Treatment of the palms requires a full bottle of Botox.  Treatment of the soles, a larger area, can require a full bottle for each foot  (depending on foot size).  Again, a topical antiseptic is applied first.  Then a series of injections are delivered to cover the entire affected area.   Treatment will last approximately six months and can be repeated as often as necessary.

Can teenagers have hyperhidrosis?
Yes.  Adolescents are often very self- conscious about hyperhidrosis.  Treatment of the palms in such individuals will instill more confidence socially and will also be a help with sports.  Treatment of the underarms will make adolescents more confident when raising their hand to answer a question in class or when participating in school performances.

When should a Bride-to be have Botox injections?
Brides spend a great deal of money on a bridal gown, and want to have special memories of their wedding day and honeymoon.  To prevent ruining a gown (and photos) we recommend coming in during the month prior to your wedding so that the Botox will have taken full effect.  Most brides have Botox injected into the underarms, but some will have the palms and soles treated as well!  Grooms can also have Botox injections in these same areas.

Who else should have Botox treatments for hyperhidrosis?
Someone going on job interviews will have more confidence when shaking hands if they are not sweaty.  They will also feel more secure without sweat stains appearing in the underarm region.  Singers and other performers will also appreciate the freedom to not worry about visible perspiration, especially when arms are raised.  People taking dance classes need not be embarrassed by sweaty hands or underarms when they are twirled.  Don’t let them see you sweat!



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