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Alpha Beta Peel

Alpha Beta Peel StepsWhat is the gloAlpha Beta Peel?
The gloAlpha Beta peel is formulated by gloTherapeutics and is a combination of both alpha and beta hydroxy acids. It is the newest of the peels that Dr. Davis offers. This facial peel will lessen dark discoloration, help clear acne and rosacea, and resurface your skin. It is considered a moderately high to aggressive peel, yet can be performed over a “lunch-hour” with resumption of normal activities after. The gloAlpha Beta peel contains 17% glycolic acid, 17% lactic acid, and 17% salicylic acid. This peel also contains several natural extracts that will brighten your skin and help reduce red and brown discoloration. The gloAlpha Beta peel will help improve younger, acne-prone skin; skin with hormonal staining (melasma), as well as older, drier skin with brown spots and flaking.

Who is a candidate for the gloAlpha Beta Peel from Dr. Davis?
The gloAlpha Beta Peel is safe and effective for all Caucasian skin types regardless of whether your skin is oily or dry. It can help treat patients with acne and clogged pores. It can also improve facial pigmentation (darker skin patches) – whether from acne, hormones, or the sun. In addition, the gloAlpha Beta Peel can rejuvenate older skin; diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and normalizing skin tone, texture, and color due to sun damage.

The gloAlpha Beta Peel is used only on Caucasian skin because it can disturb pigmentation on patients with darker complexions.

Alpha Beta Peel Pigment Before and After How does a gloAlpha Beta Peel proceed?
The gloAlpha Beta peel is a relaxing five step process which will leave your skin feeling revitalized, tightened, and silky smooth. First, you will wash your face with the gloAdvanced Cleanser to remove make up, dirt, and oils. Then Dr. Davis will apply the gloPeel prep to your entire face, so that the peel will be evenly absorbed. Next, she will apply the gloAlphaBeta 17% peel solution in thin layers, allowing 4-6 minutes in between each application. Your first peel will consist of just one layer in case you are extra sensitive to the acids. After your face has been completely covered with solution, your skin will start to turn white or “frost” (sometimes just in certain areas). Dr. Davis will then paint the gloNeutralizer solution all over your face to stop the acid from reacting with your skin. Lastly, is the gloSoothing Gel Mask. This cooling mask will soothe any residual burning you might experience after the peel. Before leaving, you will rinse off the gel mask and we will give you a moisturizing sun block to put on (all are oil free).

How often do I need to have a gloAlpha Beta Peel from Dr. Davis?
Patients with severe acne, sun damage, or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) often choose to have the Alpha Beta peel every month until their condition dissipates. Since this peel can be aggressive, other people have just 3-5 peels per year, depending on the severity of their condition. This peel can also be customized for your needs by increasing or decreasing the number of layers used during a peel to make it stronger of weaker for you as needed.

Is the gloAlpha Beta Peel safe?
Yes. The gloAlpha Beta Peel is safe and effective on Caucasian patients with dry, normal, oily, sensitive, or combination skin.

What should I expect after my gloAlpha Beta Peel from Dr. Davis?
In the first 24 hours after your gloAlpha Beta peel, your skin may look and/or feel tight and dry. Small white patches may remain on your face until they peel off over the next few days. These can be concealed with make up if you wish. You should expect about one week of peeling, but this can range from just a few days up to two weeks. Your skin will peel off in thin layers that are noticeable, yet manageable. You can use a water mister to hydrate your face and/or apply a plain moisturizer (one that does not contain any acids). Try plain Vaseline or Cerave Hydrating Lotion or Cream, which are sold in all pharmacies. This peeling will continue until the outer layers of your skin have sloughed off.

Your face may appear red, and can darken over the next few days before subsiding. Some slight swelling may also occur since your skin’s barrier has been disturbed. Dr. Davis recommends using Hyalis Refining Serum which promotes healing after procedures (this is sold in our office), as well as a sunscreen with at least SPF 30; or just plain Vaseline at this time.

Is there any special care needed after a gloAlpha Beta peel with Dr. Davis?
After this peel, you are advised to avoid any harsh scrubs, loofahs, or exfoliators. If you are using any acne or rejuvenation products/medications, you should discontinue these after your peel. This includes all acids (glycolic acids, salicylic acids, lactic acids, etc.), retinoids (Afirm, Renova, Replenix with Retinol, RetinA, Refissa, etc.), or any other anti-aging products. You may resume these products either two weeks after your procedure or when the peeling has subsided.

Dr. Davis also recommends that you try to avoid sweating at this time, since this can irritate your face. She prefers that you avoid aerobic exercise, excessive heat, saunas, and steam rooms for at least 3-5 days after your peel. You should also avoid direct sun exposure and you must wear sunscreen with SPF 30+. It is important to withstand the temptation to pick the skin that is sloughing off your face because picking the peeling skin prematurely could cause scarring. You may use a moisturizer or moisturizing sunscreen (oil free if you are acne prone) if your skin becomes too dry.


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